The course overall was good at least to me because as a contract administrator, it gave me a a broad undertanding of the subject.

Jose, Contract Administrator - Angola

I was not familiar with the basic legal concept of EPC Contract and the course allows me to understand these concepts. 

Ali, Project Engineer - Iran

Some of strong points are related to the clauses of the contract such as: liabilities and insurance; limit of liabilities; claims; suspension/termination; Guarantees/Warranties; etc. The contracting strategy showed me that bad strategy may lead loss of money, loss of time and bad use of resources.

Gisela, Contract Engineer - Angola

The course has brought a comprehensive overview about the contracting strategy, the call for tender, the interface between patrimonial agreement and operations contracts as well as the EPC contract's clauses and specificities.

Course : E&P Project Contract - EPC Contract - December 2018

Racha - Lebanon, Lawyer

Thank you Paul for this very complete and fascinating presentation. Your long experience in the #petroleum industry and your talent as a pedagogical manager highlight your expertise and all the interest of the #Adinergy training sessions. Well done ! I wish you all the best.

Course : Reduction of Logistics Environmental footprint - July 2020

Jean Marie, Consultant - France

I am grateful to join (5) days class due to gaining the valuable knowledge. Hopefully, we are able to apply the knowledge in current Oil & Gas industrial we have been through

Course : E&P Technical Services Contract - december 2020

Nandar Su Mon - Myanmar, Assistant Contract Engineer

This course has supplemented my work knowledge by learning new contractual arrangements

Course : E&P Technical Services Contract - December 2020

U Thant Toe Maung - Myanmar, Contracts Supervisor

Very comprehensive training on the Freight Forwarding, covering all transport means and their related legal framework. Although on ‘remote mode’ (covid context), training is shaped with several ‘team’ exercises, allowed by a suitable tool; the result is very close to a residential training.

Global appreciation of training and trainer is more than positive.

Course : International Freight Forwarding - April 2021

Pierre, Head of Freight Forwarding in the Oil and Gas sector

Very well mastered training course on Materials Management ! Lot of pragmatic insights provided by Paul and Dominique thanks to their extensive experience on field. Applicable tools were given during this 5-day session. The online format allowed me to combine a training session with my daily work, from home. Smooth and useful !

Course : Material Management - November 2021

Pascal, Consultant - Supply Chain Management

It gave me better insight on Procurement Process which will help me in my course of work

Course : Purchasing & Procurement - Nov 2022

Shafina, Head Subcontracts Admin - Malaysia

Great introduction for Supply Chain fundamentals. Comprehensive material pack and well explained lecture on Procurement.

Course : Definition of the Supply Chain - Nov 2022

Laura, Supply Chain Improve Lead - Malaysia

The training was conducted well, all material provided during the training was very helpful and understandable, the course exceeded my expectations. Thank you Adinergy Team for this wonderfully training !

Course : International Freight Forwarding - Nov 2022

Abade, Customs Officer - Mozambique