Réf: SC03-MOD03

Stock Control Activities

  • Duration in hours: 2 x 4h
  • Module level: Foundation
800 €

Overview: This module is a very detailed study of all tools, methodology and processes, general and specific, which are necessary to properly control the Stocks and an E&P entity.

Audience: Actors of the Supply Chain: Stock Controllers, Cost Controllers, Buyers, Logisticians but also members of the technical departments: Technical Administrators and members of the Duet.

Deliverables: Upon completion of this module the Trainees will have a throughout understanding of the Stock Control activities.
Trainees will be able to act as Stock Controller in their entity as they will know in depth the stock control processes.

Certificate: The training will be completed by an online test on EvalBox. Upon completion of the training, including the test, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance issued by Adinergy.

  1. Stock Control Basics: Definition and Acronyms - Exercise.
  2. The essential Pre-requisite: The Master Data: The Vendor Master - The Service Master - The Material Master: Organization, Creation, Guidelines.
  3. Stock Control Methodology: Stock Material Parameters - Different types of Stock Control - Decision tree - The MRP - The MAP - The Lead Time.
  4. Stock Control General Processes: Review of main Processes - General Processes: MR, GI, GR.
  5. Stock Control Specific Processes: GIT - Specific GR - Integration - Sales - Scrap - Loan - Repair.


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