Who We Are

We are a strong team of highly qualified experts dedicated to the Energy Industry. We have worked throughout the world, on every continent, and have built an expertise in HSE, Project Management, Contracting, Purchasing and Logistics that we believe it is time to transmit.
Our instructors have proven to be the best in their operational responsibilities and our courses compile decades of experience and knowledge from the main Operators and Contractors. 
Our mission of transmission puts the Human in the center of our action in order to create Industry’s references and recommended practices shared by all our Clients.


What's new with Adinergy ?


The Pedagogical tools:

In order to keep our courses dynamic and make our Trainees actors of their education, our courses are divided in different parts: 
Theory – Games - Exercises - Videos.


The Website: 

We have imagined our website at the service of our Clients: Through general themes, you are able to choose the Modules and build the courses you think meet the best your Personnel needs.


Courses Evolution: 

Our courses are permanently up-dated by instructors who are still keeping operational responsibilities and who make the courses adapted to the latest practices of the Industry.


Our Instructors

Paul Adrian


Has worked 25 years in management positions in Contracting, Procurement and Logistics mainly in the Oil & Gas Industry. Paul worked 5 years as Lecturer for IFP Training and has created Adinergy in 2018 with the mission of transmitting his experience acquired for years in a Major of the Energy sector.

Philippe Vidal


Philippe has a background and experience of aircraft pilot. After 10 years as commercial pilot, he joined the O & G industry as HSE expert, working for Major Oil & Gas Companies and Drilling Contrators. He is willing to transmit the experience acquired on drilling floors.

Dominique Deleersnyder


Dominique has worked 32 years for a Major in Contract and Procurement positions in headquarters and african affiliates. He has a full vision and experience of the Supply Chain that he will perfectly explains.

Lindsay Simpson


Lindsay is Scotish and lives in Aberdeen. After having worked in air transportation he joined the Oil & Gas industry more than 30 years ago and worked for 2 Majors in Logistics management positions. He worked all over the world and acquired a deep culture and experience of the Supply Chain he will be keen to transmit.

Vincent Keller


Vincent had operational positions in Oil and Gas industry for more than 15 years. He has worked on fields and bases on every continent. He has a very strong operational experience in Logistics.

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