Who We Are

We are a strong team of highly qualified experts dedicated to the Energy Industry. We have worked throughout the world, on every continent, on major Oil and Gas projects and have built an expertise in HSE, Project Management, Contracting, Purchasing and Logistics that we believe it is time to transmit.
Our instructors have proven to be the best in their operational responsibilities and our courses compile decades of experience and knowledge from the main Oil and Gas Operators and Contractors. 
Our mission of transmission puts the Human in the center of our Action in order to create Industry’s references and recommended practices shared by all our Clients.


What's new with Adinergy ?


The Pedagogical tools:

In order to keep our courses dynamic and make our Trainees actors of their education, our courses are divided in different parts: 
Theory – Games - Exercises - Videos.


The Website: 

We have imagined our website at the service of our Clients: Through general themes, you are able to choose the Modules and build the courses you think meet the best your Personnel needs.


Courses Evolution: 

Our courses are permanently up-dated by instructors who are still keeping operational responsibilities and who make the courses adapted to the latest practices of the Industry.


Our Instructors

Paul Adrian


Has worked 25 years in management positions in Contracting, Procurement and Logistics mainly in the Oil & Gas Industry. He has worked on major development Projects in Asia, Africa, Europe and Middle East.

Paul started his career in NGO as contract negotiator in Afghanistan and then joined the Oil and Gas industry in Supply Chain positions. As Manager, he has always sought the motivation and professional development of his teams. The multicultural aspect of his professional career shows a capacity to adapt to any culture and situation.

Paul worked 5 years as Lecturer for IFP Training and has created Adinergy in 2018 with the mission of transmitting his experience acquired for years in a Major of the Energy sector.

Philippe Vidal


Philippe has a background and experience of aircraft pilot. After 10 years as commercial pilot, he joined the Oil & Gas industry as HSE expert, working for Major Oil & Gas Companies and Drilling Contractors. Philippe has worked on Drilling Rigs, onshore and offshore, He is willing to transmit the experience acquired on drilling rigs.

Pierre Lhermitte


With more than 25 years experience, Pierre Lhermitte has developed a triple professional background: technical, business and politics.

He built technical skills on board merchant marine vessels where he served as both navigation and maintenance officer. Life at sea and experience in engine room taught him resilience, autonomy and diplomacy, as well as a recognized talent for troubleshooting.

Jumping from cargo ships to offshore units, the position of Chief engineer on board a drilling rig was a natural transition to the oil & gas industry. After 10 years at sea, Pierre joined the operator TOTAL E&P as a marine and logistics specialist. He then held various positions such as logistics Manager in Angola and Yemen. Those experiences taught him how to manage and improve complex organizations in highly time pressured environments, with huge financial stakes. In Angola, the outcome was a new marine organization associated to a substantial cost optimization, with no harm to the safety and the quality of services.

Observing numerous examples of waste in the upstream petroleum industry, Pierre decided to study the mechanisms of cost escalation process and proposes today an exclusive analysis of the root causes of the cost inefficiency in the exploration and production sector. To this end, he went back to school in 2012, to complete his education and acquire necessary skills such as finance, accounting or cross-cultural management. Back to business with an INSEAD Executive MBA and several complementary specific trainings about the Theory of Constrains or the Blue Ocean Strategy, Pierre has today a large panel of analytics tools to help his clients towards one unique goal: create value. Regardless if solution may come from a thorough process analysis or a sociogram, Pierre considers paramount reaching first a deep understanding of any given problem, in order to address it sustainably.

Still concerned by the massive value destruction in the oil and gas upstream industry, Pierre observed that African producing countries are probably the stakeholders most impacted by problem. He then developed a specific approach for value maximization where the local content issue remains one leverage among others.

Before proposing services to public sector, Pierre returned once again to school to get, in 2017, a Master on public policy, at Sciences-Po Paris. Today, Pierre works closely with several African governments or agencies, and share his researches and experience, to help maximizing oil and gas project added value for both public and private sectors.

Serge Majoulet


Serge MAJOULET, HSE Engineer, graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Paris 1979.

After a graduation in Thermal Energy, then a national service as teacher in thermodynamics at Faculty of Sciences of Rabat, Morocco, Serge began his career at Total E&P as a process engineer, commissioning and start-up site leader and manager, production superintendent, process control specialist.

He also participated for the CNES in the Ariane V program. As a consultant, he specialized in industrial safety in the O&G, where he contributed to establishing the safety benchmark in particular Total E&P General Specifications, he participated as Safety Lead or HSE Manager in various studies and major development projects, either onshore and offshore e.g. South Pars in Iran , Stockman in Russia, Anguille redevelopment in Gabon, Moho Nord in Congo.

He has been Lead Inspector of major risks e.g. PEMEX, ARAMCO, PDVSA and many others worldwide for Reinsurance Companies. At the end of his career, the O&G industry can benefit from his diversified experience, particularly in HSE management positions or in the management of simultaneous operations. After 40 years of professional experience, Serge is proud for having developed transverse métiers such as commissioning, safety engineering, HSE, SIMOPS coordination, with as core values safety to human life and energy efficiency.

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