Purchasing & Negotiation


A few decades ago, the Purchasing function in an Oil & Gas Company was seen only as a Procurement function, being in charge of supplying Goods and Services defined by the end user. 
Over the years, the Purchasing function has won its letters of nobility and has proven to be a powerful leverage of savings and cost reduction.

In the energy sector, where production sites are geographically isolated and scattered and Vendor’s markets subject to uncontrolled cycles, Purchasing has also the mission to secure the sourcing and supply of high-tech equipment which will travel all over the world before being installed offshore or in remote areas.

These two objectives, cost saving and securing of supply, make Purchasing & Procurement a strategic function and an essential segment of the Supply Chain as it drives the other steps of the chain.

This version of the Purchasing course focuses on negotiation development skills through the study of the method developed by Adinergy and practice on real cases exercises.

Purchasing is also a function exposed to corruption attempts and is a strong vector of implementation of the CSR policy of the Company. This course also talks about Ethics in Business and Sustainable Purchasing and Local Content Strategy & Plan


This course is primarily designed for Purchasers or Head of Purchasing who need to develop their negotiation skills.
It is also recommended to the Technical Administrators who build a relationship with their Vendors and need to understand the Purchasing and Negotiation process.


By the end of the course, you will feel confident in your understanding of:
-    The Supply Chain in Upstream Industry and its Objectives
-    The Procurement functions
-    The Purchasing Process from the identification of a need to its satisfaction within the specifications, planning and budget.
-    The Strategic tools of the Buyer: The category Management and Market Analysis, the Vendor’s Strategy and the definition of the Frame Agreement and Contracts.
By the end of the course Participants will be able to:
-    Create value for their Company by using the leverages of the Purchasing Process from the Selection of Supplier, the Cost and Market analysis.
-    Manage and conduct a negotiation by applying the DIDACTIC negotiation method, evaluate and optimize the results of the negotiation.


This course will be opened and closed by an on-line evaluation allowing Instructor and Participants to evaluate the knowledge acquisition.

Content of the Course