Réf: LOG02-MOD01

Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Duration in hours: 1 x 4h
  • Module level: Foundation
400 €

Overview: It is interesting to compare the Supply Chains of a Manufacturing industry and of an Upstream entity in order to determine the similarities and differences. Through examples and exercises, the Trainees define themselves the role of the Supply Chain in both industries and their objectives.
The various disciplines of Logistics Trade are reviewed in order to understand the interactions and roles within the chain.

Audience: This course is designed for any actor of the Supply Chain: Purchaser, Expediter, Stock Controller, Transit clerk. It is also recommended to the actors of the Logistics trade who need to understand the interface between Logistics and the other Links of the chain.

Deliverables: Upon completion of this module the Trainees will have a throughout understanding of the Supply Chain and what role plays Logistics inside the Supply Chain. They will have a clear understanding of the various Logistics Department organizations depending on the activity of the entity: Exploration - Project - Production.

Certificate: The training will be completed by an online test on EvalBox. Upon completion of the training, including the test, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance issued by Adinergy.

  1. The Supply Chain in the Manufacturing Industry: Definition and example.

  2. The Supply Chain in the Upstream Industry: Definition, comparison, example. Differences and Similarities between both Supply Chains.

  3. Logistics inside the Supply Chain: Logistics Organization: Exploration - Project - Production - Main Logistics Functions Description.

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