Live Learning

Adinergy favors the physical presence of the Instructor in order to ensure an optimal transmission of Knowledge and Experience.
In addition to Classroom Courses, Adinergy proposes Live Learning Courses via a web conference platform.
Live Learning course is a powerful educational tool offering the following advantages:

  • It is EASY to use: No training or software installation, an internet connection is enough. By clicking on a link, the Trainee gets access to the classroom where he is invited.
  • It is ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE: The Live Learning course allows everyone to access Adinergy’s Trainings. Wherever you are, in town or on Site, access is the same !
  • It is EFFICIENT: The choice made by Adinergy to animate sessions in Live Learning allows the same transmission of experience as in the Classroom. The exercises and the interactivity are identical.
  • It is ECONOMICAL: Live Learning saves Time and Travels. It is a strong Saving in term of Cost and Carbon Footprint.

Each Live Learning session lasts 4 hours: 120 minutes training - 30 minutes break - 90 minutes training.
Each training module, depending on its volume, can be of 1, 2, 3 or 4 sessions of 4 hours.