Réf: OWI-LOG06-MOD01

Value Chain, Supply Chain and Logistics in the Offshore Wind Industry

  • Duration in hours: 2 x 4h
  • Module level: Skill
800 €
  1. The Value Chain of the Offshore Wind Industry: Overview of the OWI Market - a Technolgy in constant evolution -  What is a Wind Farm: The main elements of a Farm - Overview of the Value Chain: Development Project – Operations and Maintenance – Export and grid connection – Logistics. - The Project Timeline & Milestones – The Wind Farm Costs Structure.
  2. The Contractual Strategy: The Market Structure – Definition of a Project Contractual Strategy: Pre-Requisites – Various approaches of Contract Packages - The various types of Project Contracts – The Remuneration Principles – The Management of Interfaces. Definition of an O&M Contractual Strategy: Why is the Contractual Strategy for Operations & Maintenance so important ?
  3. Supply Chain: Cost reduction and Operational Efficiency: The importance of Contractual/Warranty issues – Definition of the Supply Chain in the OWI - Developing a strong Supply Chain Strategy in order to control the Operations and Maintenance and reduce the cost of energy produced. 
  4. Logistics: The tool to push the industry beyond its limits: The onshore Logistics: Project and O&M - The various offshore Logistics scheme – The Supply Base  - Floating Wind Farms: The Logistical Challenges: The various Logistics options for the Maintenance of the Floating Wind Turbines – 10 Logistical Challenges that must be overcome to develop the Floating Wind Industry.

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