Project EPC Contract


The Contract is the essential tool defining the transfer of risk and Liabilities between the Operator and its Contractors and the relationship between the Parties. 
This is particularly important in the frame of a development project where the Operator will delegate the Engineering, Procurement and Construction activities to its EPC Contractors.

- How is defined the Contractual Strategy of a project? What are the elements and Stakeholders influencing this Strategy? What is the link between the Patrimonial Agreement and the Operations Contracts? What are the consequences of dividing the Project into EPC Contracts?
The course defines the Contractual Strategy of a Project and how it will impact the delivery of the Project on Time and Within Budget.

- How the EPC Contractors are selected through the Call For Tender Process ? What are the various types of bids used by the Operator? Who define the rules of the CFT?

The course reviews the whole Contractor selection process from the pre-qualification stage to the award of the Contract.

- In a major section, the course goes though the typical terms of the EPC Contract and details the clauses related to the Performance of the Contract, the Financial Conditions, the Liabilities and Insurances and the Legal Clauses: Suspension - Termination - Force Majeure - Applicable and Governing Laws.


Contract Engineers, Project Package Managers, any actor involved in the relationship between the Company and the Contractors in the particular context of an Oil & Gas Project.


Upon completion of this course the attendants will have a throughout understanding of the Contracting Strategy of a development Project. They will know what type of contract to be used in the frame of the Project. They will know and understand the main clauses of the Contract.


The training will be open and closed by an online test. Upon completion of the training, including the test, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance issued by Adinergy.



Content of the Course

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