H2SE in Logistic Operations


Logistic Operations which include Storage, Lifting, Land, Water, Air Transportation are very exposed activities.
The risks are coming from many different sources as the Logistic activities are very diverse.

In every Logistic activity there is need to have a Management System in place to ensure that the risks arising from the Logistic Operations have been fully identified and are being properly controlled and managed.

As a reminder, transportation activities are the largest cause of fatalities in Oil & Gas companies operations.

H2SE in Logistic Operations presents all associated risks to transport and lifting activities. Students will learn about all different aspects of HSE in Logistic operations: Prevention and mitigation measures to reduce the risks, necessary certificates to ensure the suitability of equipment and personnel, and best practices to be applied.  

The course describes and explains the HSE Management Systems implemented in Land and Air Transport modes and also the Lifting HSE Management System.

Finally, the course addresses the issue of transport of Dangerous Goods: Regulatory Framework, Identification, certification...


All personnel involved in transport and handling/Lifting operations: Base personnel, Logistic personnel but also H2SE personnel having need to focus on Logistic operations Safety.


Upon completion of this course, the attendants will have a complete view of what are the recommended practices to ensure high H2SE Standard in Logistic Operations. Trainees will also have knowledge to implement Safety Management System in their Logistic activity.
All aspects are reviewed: personnel behavior, equipment standards, certification, training and management organization. 


The training will be opened and closed by an online test on EvalBox. Upon completion of the training, including the test, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance issued by Adinergy.

Content of the Course

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