Réf: LOG07-MOD01

Road Transportation Fundamentals

  • Duration in hours: 1 x 4h
  • Module level: Foundation
400 €
  1. Introduction: Safety records and statistics of Land Transportation in O&G Industry. The Referential.
  2. Regulations and Contract: The Road Transport Contract Definition - Regulations: CMR and TIR Conventions – Parties Obligations and Liabilities under CMR – Claim Procedure.
  3. Generalities: Definitions - Vehicle types - Vehicles dimensions and limitation - Vehicles classifications and Specifications – Shipping Containers.
  4. 10 Golden Rules of Road Transportation: 10 Golden Rules to drive and operate vehicles safely.
  5. Efficiency and Safety Performance Indicators: Efficiency Performance Indicators – Safety performance Indicators.

Associated modules

Control & Management of the Road Transport Activity.

Control & Management of the Road Transport Activity.

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