Management of Upstream Logistics


This course intends to give knowledge and tools to current or future Logistics Heads or Managers.
It explains how to evaluate logistics needs, how to forecast and prepare them and how to budget and manage these means.

It positions the logistics functions within the full Supply Chain. It gives sound knowledge in terms of Contract: the link between the Patrimonial Agreement and the logistics Service Contract, the main clauses of the Contract.

It gives tools to the future Head of Logistics in term of Budget and Cost Control, Human Resources Management.

It explains how logistics activities impact the environment and how to reduce this impact.

It gives a review of the integrated digital platforms for Logistic Management available on the Market in exploration, project and production operations: Integrated planning, HSEQ monitoring, vessels management, base management, communication of information between Supply Chain actors.

Finally it adresses essential issues in a deeply evolving Industry: Innovation and Continuous Improvement.


Logistics Superintendents; Logistics Heads; Logistics Managers. Project Package Managers who will be involved in Logistics Planning and activities.


This course prepares to manage a Logistics Department in the frame of an exploration/drilling campaign, a Project or a Production entity. It gives all the tools to supervise a team, manage the Logistics contracts, make choices to reduce the impact of Logistics activity on environment.


The training will be opened and closed by an online test on EvalBox. Upon completion of the training, including the test, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance issued by Adinergy.


Content of the Course

Contractual frame of Logistic Operations

Contractual frame of Logistic Operations

Compliance - Ethics: Definitions - Compliance Process -...

Definition of the Supply Chain

Definition of the Supply Chain

The Supply Chain in the Manufacturing Industry: Definition and...

How to reduce Logistics environmental footprint ?

How to reduce Logistics environmental footprint ?

Overview: Concerns for Environmental protection, Climate change...

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Recruitment, Training and Promotion: How to efficiently manage the...

Support of a Development Project

Support of a Development Project

The Logistics Execution Plan. Definition and use. Review of the...