Living Base Management


The management of a Living Base in remote area is much more than administration. It is closely related to the Health and Workers well-being in places where food and accommodation is essential for the Personnel equilibrium.
The course teaches how to administer a living base wherever it is located: Onshore in desert and isolated area or offshore. 
The management of the restaurant: The food supply, the basic food hygiene rules, the HACCP system and its internal Audit to maintain it efficient and safe.


Camp Boss, Cooks, Supervisors involved in the Living Base administration.


-    Upon completion of this course, the attendants will have knowledge and tools to administer a Living Base or Camp including the restaurant.
-    They will fully aware of basic food hygiene rules and measures to maintain in order to avoid cross-contamination.
-    They will be able to implement the HACCP hygiene system and to audit it internally.


The training will be opened and closed by an online test on EvalBox. Upon completion of the training, including the test, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance issued by Adinergy.

Content of the Course

Basic Food Safety

Basic Food Safety

Overview: The management of a Living Base in remote area is much...



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Living Base administration

Living Base administration

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