Advanced Warehouse Management


With the growth of global Supply Chain, Warehouses are constantly under pressure for better, faster, more efficient performance. As this pressure grows, the role of Lean Warehouse Management becomes increasingly relevant. 

"Advanced Warehouse Management" covers all aspects of an efficient Warehouse Management. After having defined the role of Warehousing inside the Supply Chain and learnt some basics of the Warehouse design, Trainees will go through the main processes of Warehousing. It is essential to define strong and stable Processes as the basis of an efficient Warehouse Management.

The course will then cover the main Hazards associated to Warehouse Management and how to evaluate, control and mitigate the Risks.

The core of the course focuses on optimization and elimination of useless tasks through Lean Management and 5S. Warehouse holds high potential for improving lead times, reducing logistics costs and creating competitive advantages. It is an essential cog of the Supply Chain efficiency.

The last module of the course introduces the Advanced Warehouse: The Green Warehouse which is designed and operated in order to reduce its environmental footprint, operated through an extended Warehouse Management System and Automated.


All personnel involved in Warehouse Management: Logistic personnel but also Stock Controllers who need to work in interface with the Warehouse Team.

This Advanced course is designed for Seniors Supervisors, Superintendents or Head of Warehouse.


Upon completion of this course, the attendants will have a strong knowledge in the 3 essential pilars for an efficient Warehouse Management: Risk control - Lean Management - Green approach.

They will be fully able to manage a warehouse, optimize workflows, eliminate wastes, deliver value and implement actions to reduce the warehouse environmental footprint. 


The training will be opened and closed by an online test on EvalBox. Upon completion of the training, including the test, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance issued by Adinergy.

Content of the Course

Lean Management and 5S

Lean Management and 5S

The Lean Management principles: Fundamental Principles –...

The Advanced Warehouse

The Advanced Warehouse

The Green Warehouse Design Approach: Design & Construction...

The Warehouse inside the Supply Chain

The Warehouse inside the Supply Chain

Definition of the Supply Chain: Comparison of Manufacturing...