New course release: Offshore Logistics: Operations & HSSE.

Adinergy is happy to introduce its last course release: Offshore Logistics: Operations & HSSE

Marine offshore operations encompass a wide range of activities involved in the exploration, production, transportation, and maintenance of offshore oil and gas resources and offshore wind electricity production. 
This training studies, in depth, all aspects of Marine Operations: 
- The international Regulations of the Maritime industry,
- The Rules set by the oil and gas industry to guarantee the Safety of the offshore operations, 
- The Marine Operations: Ashore loading, Towing & Anchor Handling, DP and On-Site Operations,
- A review of all types of vessels used in Offshore Operations,
- The bunkering operations,
- The transfer of Personnel at Sea. 
- Risk Management in Offshore operations,
- The Collision Risk Management

It is split into 2 main modules and focuses: 
-    Module 1 covers the regulatory framework and focuses and the operational aspect of Offshore Marine Operations. 
-    Module 2 concentrates on Health, Safety and Environmental elements of Offshore Marine Operations.

Students will gain insights into the technical, operational, and managerial aspects critical for successful offshore operations in marine environments.