Supply Chain in Upstream: Material Management


Material Management is an essential link of the Supply Chain. It takes a particular importance in the Upstream industry for which the cost of a rupture can be tremendous, without relation with the cost of the equipment itself. The downside may result in accumulation of material which is the opposite of business efficiency.

Where is the good balance ? This course will answer this question.

After having defined the Supply Chain in the Upstream Industry and positioned the Material Management within the Chain and the interactions with the other links of the Chain, the course introduces the Material and Stock Management. The introduction explains the financial approach of the Material Management, showing the financial impact of the Stock Value.

The second module describes the Stock Management in terms of Objectives, Definition, Procedures, Structure and Actors before introducing the Material Management Digital Software, key tools of the Supply Chain efficiency.

The third module covers the Stock Control Activities: The basics, the Master Data, the Stock Control Criteria, the General and Specific Processes.

The fourth module is the key of the Material Management efficiency: The Stock Analysis and Optimization: Methods and Objectives of Stock Analysis, the potential issues in Stock Control and how to solve them. It gives also some specific follow-up on top of the common Analysis.

The last module is about the interference between Stock Management and physical Stock Management: the physical storage activities, the Good Practices and the Inventory Management. 


Actors of the Supply Chain: Stock Controller, Buyers, Logisticians but also actors from the technical departments: Technical Administrators and members of the Duet.


The attendants to this course will be able to understand the importance of an efficient Material Management. They will have the tools to optimize the stock level hence contributing to the global efficiency of their Company. They will also be able to work within the stock duet.



Content of the Course

Definition of the Supply Chain & Introduction to Material Management

Definition of the Supply Chain & Introduction to Material Management

Overview: It is interesting to compare the Supply Chains of a...

Mission & Objectives of Stock Management

Mission & Objectives of Stock Management

Overview: The simple argument that a rupture of...

Stock Control Activities

Stock Control Activities

Overview: This module is a very detailed study of all tools,...

Stock Analysis and Optimization

Stock Analysis and Optimization

Overview: After the review of the Stock Control processes, this module...

Physical Stock Management

Physical Stock Management

Overview: This module is the last of the Material Management course...