E&P Technical Services Contract


Operators and main Contractors are contracting/sub-contracting a wide range of their activities. The Service Contract is the tool for controlling the efficiency of the Contractor. This course allows all actors involved, Company, Contractors, sub-Contractors to better understand the contractual relationship, their rights and obligations. It gives a detailed review of the Contract and its main features.

It focuses on the services contracts put in place for supporting a Drilling campaign: Rig contract, drilling services contracts, Logistic support contracts and covers all specificities of the various contracts.

-As an introduction, the course explains the Exploration phase and what are the technical challenges leading to a Discovery. It positions the Drilling activity within the various phases of a field life.

- The Contractual Strategy will explains what are the stakeholders and elements influencing the contractual Strategy of the Operator: Compliance, the legal framework and the influence of the Patrimonial Agreement and the Local Content. It finally describes the Contractual Strategy of a Drilling campaign.

- How the Contractors are selected through the Call For Tender Process? What are the various types of bids used by the Operator? Who define the rules of the CFT?

The course reviews the whole Contractor selection process from the pre-qualification stage to the award of the Contract.

- In a major section, the course goes though the typical terms of the Technical Services Contract and details the clauses related to the Performance of the Contract, the Financial Conditions, the Liabilities and Insurances and the Legal Clauses: Suspension-Termination-Force Majeure-Applicable and Governing Laws

-The final module will go through the specificities of some important services contracts: Rig, Support Vessel, Air Support…


Contract Engineers, Contracts administrators, any actor involved in the relationship between the Company and the Contractors of a Service Contract.

Drillers and Logisticians will also find interest to this course which covers the contractual aspects of their operational activity: They are the "owners" of these Service Contracts.


Upon completion of this course the attendants will have a throughout understanding the Service Contract clauses. They will be able to administer the contract and optimize the relationship with the Company or Contractor.



Content of the Course

Exploration Phase

Exploration Phase

Geology - Geophysics: A short summary of Geology and Geophysics...

Contractual Strategy

Contractual Strategy

Compliance - Ethics: Definitions - Compliance Process -...

Call For Tender

Call For Tender

Prequalification: Preliminary checks – Market Survey...

Bids Analysis and Contractor Selection

Bids Analysis and Contractor Selection

Technical evaluation and clarifications: Bids opening...

Typical Contract Conditions

Typical Contract Conditions

The Contract is the Master Tool Managing the relationship between...

Specific Contract Conditions

Specific Contract Conditions

Rig and Drilling Services Contracts: Performance of the Service...