Supply Chain in Upstream: Purchasing & Procurement


The first chapter of the course defines the Supply Chain. For a better understanding it compares both Manufacturing Industry and Upstream Industry's Supply Chain, their similarities and differences. Exercises allow the trainees to define it by themselves by playing a role.
It details the Supply Chain functions and their interaction. 
For a better efficiency, it links Procurement and Logistics functions within a chain.

The second chapter gives recommended practices in Purchasing, Expediting, Inspection, Shipping/Transportation and Material Management. It also describes the Purchasing Process in details and within all the steps.

The course is then studying the strategic tools of an efficient Purchasing Strategy: Category Management, Supplier's strategy and Market studies, Frame Agreements and Frame Contracts.

A Transit & Shipping chapter will give to the trainees a strong knowledge in international transportation, the role and liabilities of the Freight Forwarder, the key players, the customs regulations, the packing of the Goods including the Dangerous Goods.


This course is primarily designed for Purchasers or Head of Purchasing.

It is also necessary for any actor of the Supply Chain: Expediter, Stock Controller, Cost Controller, Transit Agent.

It is also recommended to actors of the Logistics function who want to enlarge their domain of knowledge of the Supply Chain.

Finally the Technical Administrators from the Technical Departments may also find this course necessary in order to facilitate their interaction with the Purchasing Department.


Upon completion of this course, the attendants will have a throughout understanding of the Supply Chain and the way to optimize its efficiency through Recommended Practices and exercises.
They will understand the interaction between the different links of the Chain.

Purchasers will have enhanced their strategy and developped their negotiation capabilities through the DIDACTIC negotiation method.


The training will be opened and closed by an online test on EvalBox. Upon completion of the training, including the test, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance issued by Adinergy.

Content of the Course

Definition of the Supply Chain & Procurement functions description

Definition of the Supply Chain & Procurement functions description

Overview: It is interesting to compare the Supply Chains of a...

Purchasing Process

Purchasing Process

Overview: From the identification and expression of a need to the...

Purchasing Strategic Tools

Purchasing Strategic Tools

Overview: This module defines first what are the Principles of a...

Transit & Shipping

Transit & Shipping

Incoterms, Packing, Documentation and Transit Agent:...