Introduction to Upstream Logistic Operations

  • Duration in hours: 1 x 4h
  • Module level: Foundation
320 €

Overview: Logistics is a key link of the Supply Chain and an essential actor to secure it. In Projects and Operations which are projected in very remote, and sometimes hostile areas, the reliability of Logistics is a strong element of Operations sustanability.
Logistics Trade in E&P entities interacts a wide range of disciplines and expertises: Marine, Aero, Diving, Lifting...together with a strong requirement in operational adaptability. 
This introduction reviews all the disciplines working for Logistics Trade and which constitute the Logistics "Service Package" which contribute to secure E&P Operations.

Audience: Any personnel involved in E&P and Offshore Operations and who needs to understand the role of Logistics in the Supply Chain.

Deliverable: Upon completion of this introduction, the Trainees will understand the Role of Logistics inside the Supply Chain and a clear knowledge of all Disciplines constituting the Logistics Trade.

  1. Logistics Inside the Supply Chain: Logistics Missions - Logistics Organization: Exploration – Project – Production – Main Logistics Functions Description.
  2. The Supply Base: Supply Base Processes - Supply Base Designs – Supply Base specific Risks.
  3. Lifting & Handling: References & Golden Rules. Overview of a Lifting Management System.
  4. Land Transportation: Missions of Land Transportation section – Challenges & Constraints – Overview of a Land Transportation Management System.
  5. Marine Operations: Regulations – HSE in Marine Ops – Offshore Logistics Operations – Offshore Support Vessels – Offshore Installations.
  6. Transfer of Personnel at Sea: Description of various modes of Personnel transfer offshore.
  7. Air Operations: Rules & Regulations - Air Operations.

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