How to reduce Logistics environmental footprint ?

Concerns for environmental protection and climate change focus the attention on how the Oil & Gas Companies can reduce the impact of their operations on the Environment. This has become an essential requirement of Operator’s efficiency.
Logistics and Supply Chain, by an intensive use of all transportation means to support worldwide industry’s operations have a key role to play to reduce the environmental impacts of the Exploration, Project and Production phases.

  1. Section 1 of the course identifies all the potential impacts of the Oil & Gas Operations in general and Logistics specifically on Environment. It defines the issues and challenges met by the Industry’s operations.                           
  2. Section 2 introduces the issue of pollution by the Marine Transport and the objectives set by IMO in term of reduction of impacts. It reviews all short, mid, long term actions currently implemented or studied in the Shipping and Offshore sector to meet the goals
  3. Section 3 defines the pollution and impacts of the Air Transport, the objectives defined by ICAO to reach a carbon neutrality despite the increase of air traffic and the implementation of measures to meet these objectives. This section also addresses the specific issues of the air support of Oil & Gas Operations.

Duration: 2 days

Document: 100 pages

Audience: Logisticians, HSE Personnel, Project Engineer, future Head of Logistics who will need to integrate the reduction of impact of environmental impact of Logisitcs in their decision.

Level: Skill to Advanced.