Réf: SC01-MOD03

Purchasing Strategic Tools

  • Duration in hours: 2 x 4h
  • Module level: Skill
800 €

Overview: This module defines first what are the Principles of a Sustainable Purchasing with some guidelines on how to integrate these Principles into a Purchasing Policy.
In the following sections, we will study the tools allowing the Purchaser to define a Strategy: The Market Analysis, the segmentation of the Market into Categories, the Vendor's Strategy and the types of Contractual Agreement the Buyer will put in place depending on the defined Strategy.

Audience: This module is mainly designed for Buyers or actors of the Supply Chain who need to define a Purchasing Strategy.

Deliverables: Upon completion of this module, Trainees will be able to use all the Purchasing Tools enabling them to define a Purchasing Strategy. Through many exercises, they will define themselves the strategy to implement based on their analysis of the Market.

Certificate: The training will be completed by an online test on EvalBox. Upon completion of the training, including the test, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance issued by Adinergy.

  1. Sustainable Purchasing: Sustainable Purchasing Definition & Principles. How to integrate Sustainable Purchasing Principles in the Purchasing Policy ?

  2. Category Management: Category Management definition – Role of the Category Manager.

  3. Market Analysis & Vendor’s Strategy: SWOT Analysis – Market Analysis – Category & Vendors Strategy.

  4. Frame Agreement & Frame Contract: Definition – Comparison – Benefits and Constraints – Goods covered by the Frame Contract.



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