Réf: LOG03-MOD02


HACCP definition & background, the pre-requisite & its implementation.

  1. HACCP definition & Background
    Definition, History and benefits.
  2. HACCP Pre-requisite
    Regulatory frame, the concept of equivalence, HACCP certification scheme, pre-requisite programs.
  3. HACCP implementation
    Preparation, team, Codex principles, Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points, Monitoring, Corrective actions, Validation during design, Implementation, Verification, HACCP review & Maintenance.

Associated modules

Living Base administration

Living Base administration

Catering Housekeeping

Food Safety Management System

Food Safety Management System

Food hygiene, internal audit.  

Catering Contract

Catering Contract

Scope Of Work, Contract review, follow-up documents, reporting, KPI,...