Specific Contract Conditions

Depending on couirse duration, 3 or 5 days, this modume covers the specific contract stipulations of Drilling Rig, Drilling Services, Support Vessel and Air Support Contracts.

It mainly focus on the following specificities of the above mentionned Services:

  1. Support Vessel Contract : 
  • Rules and regulations of the Support Vessels Contract and activity: The codes and conventions, IMO, The Class Societies and Marine Insurances. The offshore industry organizations.
  • Support Vessel Contract specificities: Short Term Contract, BIMCO Supplytime Charter Party,  and Long Term contract. 
  1. Air Support Contract:
  • The regulatory frame of the air transportation: ICAO, IATA, EASA, FAA, NCAA and the industry organisations.
  • The air transport contract: AOC and contract specificities.


  1. Drilling Rig Contract:
  • Performance of the Service.
  • Liabilities & Insurances