Associated Risks to Drilling Operations

  1. Drill Floor: Risks Categories (Caught by, Caught in between, Struck, Slip and Trip Fall, Dropped Object, Pressure...) - Potential Consequences: Human, Material, Environmental - Control measures and Mitigation
  2. Drilling Fluids & Cementing Operations: Chemical Risk and Control Measures (COSHH, MSDS...) - Pressure Risk and Control Measures (MAWP, WP, Exclusion zone...) - Mud Treatment Facilities (Health Hazards, Confined Space...) - Pollution Risk, Solid Control and Waste Management.
  3. Supporting Facilities: Machinery Space, Risk Exposure and Safe Practices - Workshop Area, Risk Exposure and Safe Practices - Storage Area, Risk Exposure and Safe Practices - Offices and Living Quarters, Risk Exposure and Safe Practices.